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The First Happy Nomad Girls Trip: Laughs, Wellness, and Friendship

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

"A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition." - William Arthur Ward

With the promise of sun-kissed days and the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, sixteen women embarked on an epic girls' trip. It was a journey that would not only rejuvenate their spirits but also forge bonds that would last a lifetime.

Well, that was the expectation anyway, but Mother Nature had other plans.  We were blessed with non-stop rain which only helped fuel the second part of the promise, and yes, lovely friendships were forged in spite of the precipitation!

Be Happy Nomad Travel had its first ever Happy Nomad Girls Trip and it was better than I imagined. One of the greatest benefits of traveling with a group of women is the immediate sense of sisterhood. From the moment we arrived, everybody was welcoming and eager to nurture each other.  If one of us said she needed something, 3 people would jump up to assist.  The feeling of being in a pack was empowering and comforting.   The days were filled with stories, laughter, tears, advice and recipes of all kinds.

Our resort became a sanctuary, a place where the women felt free to be themselves, without the constraints of everyday responsibilities. It is a real gift when you do not have to worry about making meals, planning for others and your bed gets made every day!  Our rooms were beautifully designed and super comfortable.  The rain shower was a feature everyone raved about but my swim-out balcony was a super sweet perk that made my stay extra enjoyable.  

We shared many wonderful experiences, which included the unique opportunity of celebrating Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.  In true sister fashion, we helped each other with our makeup, dressed in hot pink and went out to one of the most fun evening excursions in the Cancun area - Xoximilco!  Our pictures tell the story.

We did occasionally see Mr. Sun peek out of the clouds and we enjoyed every ray we got.  We were also able to enjoy some delicious tacos in the pool, live music, volleyball and daily entertainment provided by Margaritaville Island Reserve as we lazily lounged around throughout our days.  The service and entertainment staff were some of the best and genuinely demonstrated what true hospitality is.  We fell in love with all of our waiters and bartenders and they made sure we were well taken care of. 

One of the biggest bonuses for this particular trip was the presence and participation of my dear friend, Erika Ramelli, Master Herbalist and Wellness Consultant from Better Humans.  It was a true stroke of luck that she was available and willing to come along to freely impart some of her vast knowledge to our group.  She taught us how to tap and channel our inner morning energy and start the day with a real pep to our step.  She guided us on several methods to handle everyday stress with simple and attainable methods and practices.  We learned through a very "hands-on" session about the endless benefits of so many foods we have readily available and can be used for detoxing, cleansing and nourishment.  She reminded us that we are all wonderful beings and capable of building abundant and prosperous "Queendoms" for ourselves and others.  Who does not need this type of encouragement?  I know so many strong women out there making the world go 'round but every once in a while, I think, we just need to be held and appreciated.  I can not thank Erika enough for her amazing contributions.  I am not sure if we will ever have a better experience unless I continue to land her for future trips!  Stay tuned.

The true magic revealed itself during our last evening together.  As the sun set (very metaphorically) on our getaway , we gathered after dinner for a "Burn The Bullshit" ceremony that truly cemented the spirit of our journey.  We each had to write down something we wanted to let go of.  Then we had to pick a new friend and tell her what amazing-ness we found in her, in case she was not aware.  After this, we walked up to our fire pit and threw in our paper, as we made our internal promise to release ourselves.  Sharing was completely optional but most of us felt inclined to do so.  The smiles that radiated from each face reflected not only the joy of the moment but also the enduring connections that had been cultivated during our short time together. 

The benefits of traveling with a group of women extended beyond personal connections—we re-discovered the power of collective strength. We found that our shared energy and encouragement elevated each experience and made it more memorable.  We each walked away with a renewed sense of joy and reset to tackle whatever challenge we had waiting for us back home.  This trip was a true friendship high that we did not want to let go of. 

P.S. To my Sweet Sixteen tribe....Thank you for trusting me with this first ever Happy Nomad Girls Trip and enlisting on this adventure with me as your host. My heart is full.

With much gratitude,

Maricela Prayther

Be Happy Nomad Travel

Your Group Concierge

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