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Discovering new places: Two Secrets In Playa del Carmen

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

For those of you who don't know me yet, "Hi", I'm Maricela Prayther, owner operator of Be Happy Nomad Travel, a group travel concierge agency that specializes in group travel to Mexico and the Caribbean. BHNT takes care of the logistics, events, meetings, group excursions and all things travel to keep it as stress-free as possible for you and your group. Part of my job takes me to different parts of the world to explore and experience lodging, services, and food and then take that feedback to my clients to better serve them. Recently, this part of my job took me back to Mexico.

Top of My List

If you follow me you know that I have complete love and devotion for a certain brand of hotels in Mexico. However, I just came back from visiting another property that just blew right to the top of my list of favorites.

The Two Secrets I Discovered

Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen and Impressions Moxché deliver at all levels and are sure to please the most discerning traveler. Their upscale design is a feast to the eyes, earning this duo a spot on my #totallyworthit list!

But, what do I look for?

1. Service- is the staff friendly and ready to help? Do they anticipate my needs?

2. Lobby & Ambiance- does it have a wow factor? Does it set the tone?

3. Rooms- I need to have proper comfort and storage is a MUST! My room needs to make me happy AND if my husband is riding with me, the balcony needs to be well appointed.

4. Food & Beverage- it can make or break an entire experience

5. Any unique features? This is a competitive market and we are all looking for those elevated experiences (and Instagram pics)

Both Moxché resorts checked all the boxes.

Service is part of the All-Inclusive

The resorts are truly All-Inclusive. Like most All-Inclusive resorts, you pay for everything up front before arrival and yes, that includes tips. I, however, encourage you to bring small bills to tip. It's a great way to say "Thank you", especially to those that go the extra mile to keep you happy and comfortable. Staff is already super friendly, but it doesn't hurt to tip and get extra care when you truly want to relax. For me, I've gone the extra mile for them by taking their picture and posting when writing a review or giving feedback.

Lobby and Ambiance is WOW

I wish we could post videos on a blog as I only got video of the lobby. I do post videos on my Instagram, so a shameless plug here.....go follow me there and get updates of all the beautiful places my clients and I visit.

Now on to my blog...So, I didn't get a photo of the lobby, but here is a view of the resort from the lobby. It's beautiful, but one picture doesn't give it justice. (really, follow my instagram after you finish reading. ;)

The Rooms, Food & Beverage

The entire feel of the resort is very natural and very modern. It has the rustic touches with natural materials used through out like concrete, rocks, wood, linen, cotton and lots of natural vegetation, but all designed nicely with modern details, such as clean lines, touches of leather, mixed material abstract art. Now, the food....well, I asked my husband what his favorite part was, and food was on the top of his list. In his words...the buffet and restaurants aren't your typical options. They really do offer some unique alternatives that were quite delicious and for those who are vegetarian and vegan, there were lots of clearly labeled options for them as well. The seafood was incredible. The room was spacious and the balcony being ocean front view was spectacular especially in the evenings, soaking on the balcony tub. Definitely going back!

Preferred Club

Without a doubt, the entire experience at this resort is very well done and thoughtful. The fact that my husband would definitely go back to this resort, is a true telling of the wonderful time he experienced. It fills my heart that he enjoyed it so much because the truth is we were there for his birthday and we'd never been to this property in Playa. To add the cherry on top, I booked us for the Preferred Club. If you don't get this, it's okay. You'll still have a wonderful time and still get top notch service. For me though, it was important that we get the little extras. Every resort is different on what they include, so please be sure to review the perks before you sign up. For Moxche, we got private check in where there was a small lounge with bites and drinks just for us, we were upgraded to an ocean front view suite, we had access to their exclusive restaurant, and we had access to their rooftop pool and bar.

If you've read this far.....thank you for stopping by. If you need any help with your trip, especially if you're planning for a group and you don't want to deal with the logistics of it all, let me know. Be Happy Nomad Travel will take care of it for you!

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